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Server Exp rate: 100x Egg rate: 80x Money Rate: 60x Drop Rate 50x, Max g62.
New kingdom geum-oh different cities and map totally redone from catle war to temporary fort.

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Retro-Kal - New Kingdom Geum-Oh !

Top Players

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News and Updates

  • Update

    Update Note - 21/03/2018

    - Vote Rewards for 1.000 Donation Coins by Vote
    - New items added on Donation Store
    - Pet Time changed for [30 Days]
    - Ride Pet changed for Forever.
    - New Item with all buffs fish added
    - New Items PvP or SiN mode added
    - New Pet's MamaCats and Black Knight added

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    Top Player of Each Class Hall of Fame Beta event

    The Server is new and totally different from what you've seen, with maps, monsters, pets and unique tools, so let's launch the challenge for you, the first player of Each Class and only the first player of Each Class of Our Ranking will receive awards in Official Release.

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Donation System

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Server is not pay2win, so we will not be making available a rent system Items Exlusive and with fair prices.

Automatic SystemSecure and automatic system through PayPal
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We do not ask for personal data

Administrators, GameMaster or even Support will never ask for your password or personal data, If this happens Open a request through a ticket in our UserPanel reporting it happened.

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